Privacy Policy


General Policy

RosHub Inc respects the privacy of the information you entrust with us.  We will not dig into the substance of your data any more than we deem necessary to achieve safe storage and transmission of that data.  

We aren’t your Big Brother and we aren’t trying to be!


What RosHub Collects From You

Beta Signup Information

We store the information you share with us when you sign up for our Beta Signup.  We use Firebase to store a few things, including but not limited to: your email address, a record of every time you sign in, the date your account was created, and other manually-inputted user data like your location and your job title.  We do not store your password.


Information We Get From Your Use Of Our Services

Our device manager collects some information with respect to the equipment in which RosHub software has been embedded.  (Equipment refers to things like robots, IOT devices, industrial controllers, etc.)  We won’t collect any information from the mobile devices you’ve linked to your account.  The info we store falls into the following categories:


I. Internal statistics about how well your equipment performs.

  • How much RAM used or not used by your equipment.

  • How much disk space used or not used by your equipment.

  • CPU data: specifically, how much of available time is in use and the number of CPUs your equipment possesses.

  • In the future, we may collect the make and model of your CPU.


II. Statistics about the software your equipment is running.

  • The name of programs connecting to ROS.

  • The amount of CPU being used by that software.

  • The amount of memory being used by that software.


III. Network statistics

  • Information relating to your bandwidth usage.

  • Identifiable IP addresses (internal to system they installed it on. May not collect public IP address.)


IV. Generalized information about your local devices.

  • For example, if you grant us permission to access local devices via WiFi or Bluetooth, we’ll store generalized information about those local devices.


Physical Location information

We collect and store very general information relating to your location: specifically, the country, state, and city from which you are accessing this website.


Metaphysical Location Information

Every time you visit a particular URL within RosHub, we store the fact that you visited.


Delicious Cookies

We collect and store information when you visit our site to spit it back at you if and when you return.


Internal Usage of Collected Information

Our goal is to format and organize the information you give us, which is often dense and voluminous, and present it to you in an easily-digestible manner.  We’ll also use data to make improvements to the user experience.


Information We Share

Your RosHub profile

Users can manually hide some personally-identifying information from public view.

As required by law or internal policy

We will share personal information with companies, organizations, persons, or governmental entities if we have a good-faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to

(1) comply with an applicable law, regulation, or legal proceeding, so long as the requesting actor has a valid warrant or a constitutionally-prescribed alternative; or

(2) enforce applicable Terms of Service and investigate violations.

Generic information

We reserve the right to disclose information that is generic and not personally-identifiable publicly.  For example, we might aggregate locational information to create a heatmap of RosHub users across the globe, or we might create analytical tools to demonstrate RosHub trends over time.


Changes to This Policy.

We will update our Privacy Policy occasionally so as to remain in compliance with various privacy regulations and directives across the globe. When our Policy reduces your existing rights, we will obtain your explicit and informed consent to that reduction. Should those changes be significant, we will notify you more substantially. Older, non-current versions of this Policy will be filed in an archive accessible to inquiring minds.